Terms & Conditions

Please take your time to read the following Terms & Conditions. It is very important that you understand these Terms & Conditions before you enrol to any class.



A registration form must be completed and signed by at least one parent. This form must be returned on the first official lesson after free trial lesson. Your registration form from this point is your contract with Desire To Dance.

A) Any medical condition must be disclosed to Desire To Dance upon registration and thereafter.

B) It is important that any learning difficulties are disclosed in order for us to provide support and nurture the student.

C) The method of communication by Desire To Dance is via email. It is therefore essential that all email addresses are kept up to date and that parents frequently check inbox.

D) By signing these terms and conditions you are agreeing to receive invoices, newsletters, timetables and general emails from Desire To Dance via email.

E) By signing these terms and conditions you are agreeing for your data to be held on an electronic database, in a contacts file.



A) Desire To Dance termly invoices will be emailed out at the end of each term, for the following term.

B) Payments are to be made in cash, BACS or Direct Debit. We do not accept cheques.

C) Payment options are in full term or monthly instalments. Monthly instalments are due on the 1st of each month. If monthly instalment is not received by the 1st month of term, the full amount is due.

D) We reserve the right to add late fees to overdue payments.

E) When making a bank transfer the reference should be your child’s students ID number.

F) If the full term amount is paid and you wish to leave Desire To Dance before the term ends we have a no refund policy on full term payments.



A) Each child attending lessons at Desire To Dance must show excellent attendance. The principal must be notified of an absence via email, text or our Facebook page with reason.

B) Missed lessons will not be taken off invoices and full term payment is still due.



A) Should your child wish to cancel one of their classes or leave Desire To Dance all together 6 weeks written notice is required (email or text acceptable.) Please also include students reason for leaving.

B) 6 weeks notice is required and to be paid upfront.



A) Videos and photos may be taken during class times and performances and by signing these terms and conditions you are agreeing to the use of your child’s image for promotional and marketing use, this includes all platforms of social media and Desire To Dance’s website





A) By signing this form you are consenting for your child to have their hair and makeup for productions.



A) Uniform: All Children must wear the correct uniform after the settling period of 2 weeks. The Desire To Dance t-shirt may be worn in lesson time and is a compulsory part of the uniform. Students should also wear black leggings and bare foot or trainers. No jewellery is allowed and hair must be tied up. When attending events, displays and external shows the compulsory t-shirt must be worn without fail.

B) Desire To Dance reserves the right to alter the timetable and fees. Where applicable, we will try to give you reasonable notice.

C) Desire To Dance operates a NO REFUND policy.

D) The school may from time to time introduce regulations for the better running of the school. All students enrolled at the school and attending classes shall be expected to adhere to any and all such regulations and duly accept any revised terms and conditions.

E) Necessary discipline will be enforced and the Principal reserves the right to terminate any pupil’s enrolment without notice or refund. We expect all children and parents to respect one another, our members of staff and volunteers. Bullying or abusive language or behaviour will not be tolerated and may lead to your child being expelled. In this circumstance, no refund will be given.

F) There may be a change of teacher at any point during the term. Either to cover the regular teacher in times of illness, holiday or personal reasons. Or at times, to replace the previous teacher altogether.

G) It is essential for the efficient training and teaching of dance for a degree of physical contact to take place. On signing the registration form the parent or guardian accepts this provision.

H) Students under 11 years old are not allowed to leave any of our venues unless accompanied by an adult.


  1. Desire To Dance Liabilities

A) Desire To Dance do not accept responsibility for loss, damage or injury arising from errors or omissions on the registration form whether completed by you or the person in charge of your child at the time of enrolment.

B) Desire To Dance do not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to personal property.

C) Desire To Dance to not accept responsibility of injuries occurred during class due to stretches or movements not being performed properly.

D) Desire To Dance are only responsible for students whilst they are participating in their class. Children cannot be supervised whilst they are outside dance studio, this includes the reception areas.

E) Desire To Dance holds Public Liability Insurance.


STATEMENT: I accept these terms and agree that my child’s attendance of the classes with continued payment acts as your acceptance of the terms and conditions stated above. I understand it is my responsibility to regularly check the terms and conditions, as they may alter from time to time.